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HARRY LUCAS - Modular Textile Machines for growing demands
We are your partner for the development and manufacturing of highly specialized knitting machines in modular systems for customized solutions at best possible prices.

Our textile machines are for multi use purposes in technical, medical and fashion industries. We are also well known for the production of spiraling and circular knitting machines for low and high pressure hoses which are used e.g. in the automotive industry.


Flip online through our catalogues and see our extensive range of knitting machines and additional units for various production techniques, which will complete and optimize your production line.



Watch a short company profile on our YouTube channel and find out who we are, what we do and how we can support your company with our competent advice. In addition you can see some of our machines in action.


ELHATEX Lubricants

ELHATEX Lubricants are especially developed and exclusively produced for the lubrication of HARRY LUCAS high performing textile machines - tested and cleared for their special demands.


It is with deep sadness and great respect that we bid farewell to our senior boss, father and grandfather

Harry Lucas

* 23.02.1940 † 02.06.2024

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