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Company History

  • 1942

    Company Foundation
    Location founded by Harry Lucas I. in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

  • 1946

    The Beginning

    Taking up of production in factory of AEG Neumünster.

  • 1948

    Production Start

    Production of first manually operated circular knitting machines

  • 1953

    New Location

    Location to our present factory in Neumünster.
    Production of machines to knit stockings.

  • 1960


    Development of circular knitting machines for orthopaedic stockings.

  • 1963


    Development of a circular knitting machine for the production of jacquard hats.

  • 1965


    Production of machines to knit ties.

  • 1968

    Development & Production

    Further development of product range from circular knitting machines for textile articles to machines for medical and technical articles.
    Production of wire-circular knitting machines.

  • 1970

    New Management & New Developments

    Management passed to the son Mr. Harry Lucas II.
    Development of a 12" circular knitting machine for the carpet-fibre industry (Space-Dye-process).
    Development of hose-covering machines for the production of radiator hoses for the car industry and garden hoses.

  • 1981


    Development of a partialelectronically circular knitting machine .

  • 1989


    Development of knitting machines with integrated operation.

  • 1991

    New Management & Take-over

    Management passed to the grandson of the founder, Mr. Harry Lucas III. Take-over of the production of KRENZLER-circular knitting machines.

  • 1994

    Foundation & Development

    Death of the company founder, Mr. Harry Lucas I. Foundation of the LUCAS TEXTILMASCHINEN GmbH in Chemnitz. Development of circular warp knitting machines and caterpillar freds.

  • 1997


    Development of a packing braider.

  • 1998


    Production of precision winding machines for large diameter machines.

  • 1999


    Production of flat-raschel-machines.

  • 2000


    Construction of the first wide space knitting machine up to 32" diam. for special applications in single jersey, double jersey and interlock.

  • 2001

    Development & Foundation

    Development of the first spiralising machine for medium and high pressure hoses with patented thread supply. Foundation of LUCAS AMERICA Inc. in Linden (NJ) for better customer care on the American market and to secure quality and service management.

  • 2002

    Expansion & Celebration

    Expansion of the company in Neumünster: Building of a new production hall with additional 800 square meters to optimize the production logistic. Technical expansion of the location in Poland. Celebration of the 60th company anniversary of HARRY LUCAS GmbH & Co. KG in Neumünster.

  • 2004


    Development of the RHU-S 2x24 with patented thread supply for thornless hoses.

  • 2005


    Development of the RR3-Z machine with up to 4 systems per inch diameter and transfer rib needle.

  • 2006


    Evolution of the model VEPA-E for 3 ring transfer.

  • 2007

    Development & Enlargement

    Development of the flat knitting machine model "FSM-1K-2S" for glass- and wire-knittings. Enlargement of our program of wire knitting machines of the "RD"- series.

    Our wire knitting machines of the "RD"-series, which are inserted for the production of continuous plain knitted fabics made of metal and synthetic filaments, are completely updated and are now usable by standard with diameters up to 40". The produced knitware is used e.g. in filter engineering, electrical engineering (shielding), oscillation engineering (catalyst) as well as in the defence and space technology.

    The RD-models work with fixed cylinder and rotating cambox and with rotating cylinder and are available with a multiplicity of extras (e.g. rolling unit, caterpillar, goffering unit etc.) for individual adaptation to the individually necessary processes.

  • 2008

    Increase & The new "RR2-Z-FBR-108"

    (1) Increase of productivity on new area in Poland.
    Increasing demands on highly specialized production solutions we encounter mean the expansion of our manufacturing and assembly hall at our Polish unit. More than 300 sq.m. of additional working area for final assembly and first performance tests as well as all measures of quality-control and -management.

    (2) The new "RR2-Z-FBR-108" for most complex knee caps, ankleand arm- supports This new top model of our "RR2 -range offers the possibility for the production of cylindrical, conical and curved tubular knitted fabrics. The programming of the knitting width, the free programmable tuck control as well as the specific stitch change and the fabric takedown, which enable the production of curved articles, are only a one feature of the extensive possibilities this model offers. Further special features of this model are:

    - The 4-finger stripping device for each feeder
    - The electronic stitchchange for the curved and the straight field
    - The electronic adaptation from straight to curved knitting
    - The 3-way needle selection
    - Knitting with firm rim.

    (2) Special Highlight:
    The 3-system washing and massage glove machine "RR3-Z-PL-108"
    The knitting system with flexible plush system and rubber inlay system enable that a half of the washing glove can be knitted with cotton (soft) and the other half with monofilament (rough). Firm rim and other knitting possibilities are freely programmable with the module "MS-108".

  • 2009

    The 10.000th Machine

    HARRY LUCAS celebrates the 10.000th machine!
    "This is big vote of confidence into the quality of our products and services from our customers since the foundation of our company" Mr. Lucas announced during the official handover of the 10.000th machine produced since the start of the company

  • 2010

    Year of Fairs

    Techtextil North America 2010
    Atlanta,GA (USA), 18.-20.05.

    ATME-I / MEGATEX 2010
    Atlanta,GA (USA), 18.-20.05.

    MRG Conference
    Amsterdam, Holland, 07.-09.06.

  • 2017

    75 years in tradition of people, meshes and machines

    A family enterprise celebrates its 75th company anniversary in the traditional textile location in Neumünster (Germany) and presents itself conscious of the past and future-oriented.

    It is done: on the 10th day of March 2017 the company Maschinenfabrik HARRY LUCAS GmbH & Co. KG with her headquarter in Neumünster (Schleswig - Holstein, Germany) officially committed its 75th company anniversary - completely without drums beating and trumpets sounding as it corresponds to the rather reserved style of the enterprise. "However, this will be made up extensively" Mr. Harry Lucas announces on the inquiry: if the company does not want to celebrate a bit. Mr. Lucas manages the skills of the family enterprise since 1991 in third generation and adds completively : "Of course we would like to give something back to our customers, business partners and companies friends. In April we will organize a big Jubilee in our premises in Neumünster and after the official welcome of our invited guests, we will offer an interesting program, including a machine exhibition and several professional speeches. After that we will open the casual part of the day, starting with a dinner and later on celebrating open end with live music".

    Originally founded in the Polish ód in 1942 from the grandfather of the present owner, since 1952 residenting in today's location in Neumünster, everyone in the company still feels today obliged to the very special name tradition and today with Harry Lucas IV already the same-named great-grandchild of the founder meshes into the companies skills. Actually and beside the master study of mechanical engineering, which he will conclude successfully probably in October 2017, he is engaged very practically in the location in Chemnitz to the fields of technology, construction and development. Even he, following up his own statement, wants to speed up further on the application of the most modern IT technologies during the developing and manufacturing processes of the highly specialized textile machinery, in the very same way like his father has been doing till today - all this without neglecting the most important factor 'people' in the enterprise. Everything just works in one team.

    Everyone in the house of HARRY LUCAS feels also for the future well-placed to the growing challenges of the international markets. About eighty percent of the worldwide production of radiator hoses actually is made by HARRY LUCAS circular knitting machines. The continual consciousness about the fact that the domination of this position as a world market leader means a perpetual technical advancement of the modular machine construction and a further optimization of the manufacturing processes, embosses the perspective adjustment at all levels and in all locations of the enterprise, which meanwhile beside Germany also encloses locations in Poland, in the United States of America and in China. One hundred employees in development, production and distribution based on the location Neumünster (Germany) take care of the fact that quality 'Made in Germany' also in future has a name - HARRY LUCAS.

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